My life as a writer began when I finally gave in to my refusal to accept that the collection of ramblings that had a vague theme and occupied most of my time both at and away from my desk, was in fact a novel.

I was in the final stages of a BA at Middlesex University and under the guidance of novelist Sue Gee. It was she who encouraged me to put the parts into a whole, form a narrative and create chapters. Six months later I had an agent and a two book deal.

One year later Hello Mr Magpie was published.

Sue Gee suggested I applied for the Creative Writing MA at Sheffield Hallam. I was accepted and with the support of Jane Rogers and the much missed E A (Archie) Markham I wrote several short stories and my second novel From A Past Life.

Since then I have taught Creative Writing at Adult Education colleges, done Reminiscence work at care homes and continued to write.

Here you will find short stories, old and new, excerpts from novels completed or abandoned and works in progress - in short - my work. A reminder to myself, and the world that when I call myself a writer it is because that is what I do.

The Defined Ms M was written for the 2011 Guardian Short Story competition whose theme was 'A Journey'.

In Gideon's Tale I wanted to explore a subject that I am fascinated by, the evil child, from the angle of 'what kind of adult could the evil child become?' Be warned - it is a nasty story and is not intended to provide any definitive answers, explanations or justifications for violent drunks.

More evil children! A Fairer Death is a reworking of Macbeth set in Eastbourne during the Second World War. It is also based on the life of John Bodkin Adams, a doctor who was accused of killing elderly patients from whose wills he then benefited. I have taken great liberties with both stories. Abigail, the evil child - who functions as the witches - is an evacuee staying at the home of Dr Robert Thornton and his (Lady M like) wife, Audrey.

West One is an ongoing project to record the lives of the Jewish community of the West End of London from the Second World War to the mid-1950s. Much is written about the East End communities but few seem aware that a thriving Jewish population ran businesses, worked, played and prayed in West One too. Some of this is based on my own family who lived and worked in the area. So far it is a series of character sketches and scenes that have yet to be sewn together.